Thursday, May 22, 2008

Time is flying. It is May!

Well it seems I am finally over my plantar fasciitis. Some flare ups now and then but otherwise ok. I do have to do more running as biking seems to have taken over. Some races coming up and cant wait.... Looking forward to OCRC bowling night too.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to SheSingsSheRuns! She is a party animal!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturday's Run

Great run on Saturday even though it was only about 6 miles. Why was it so great? Cause we literally ran into SheSingsSheRuns who was on her morning run. We had not seen her in a long time! She looked great and gave us great news too! It will well worth the deviation from our normal route.

I think I have come down with plantar fasciitis in my right foot. This is not good. :(

How was the 20K today? Anyone?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Playdate

What a great time I had on the Playdate the other night! The last one I was on was about 15 months ago and the one before that was when I was 7 years old. Several OCRCers were there including IronWoman with SignifOtherS, MarathonGirl, BewareSquirrels with SignifOtherE and SunriseMan, all of whom I have not seen in a while. Since SunriseMan was the only one of us who was over 21 centuries old, he was able to buy all the drinks at the Bar and pass them to the rest of us. It was a blast (or should I say daBomb!) The only bad thing was that we could not stick SunriseMan was the food bill in the end so I actually had to pay!!....well maybe next time.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Villarina's pasta v. Costco's pasta

Tonight we had a Taste-Off between Villarina's stuffed shells and Costco's manicotti.
The group was unanimous that Costco's was only half as good. Our dog pointed out though that the Costco pasta cost about one-third what the Villarina's cost so since Costco's was half as good, it should have won the taste test on a cost/taste analysis. We told the dog to shut up and that she was only getting dog food from now on.
Buy Villarina's if you want good stuffed shells.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday Nite Run

I did 3.5 miles on the treadmill tonight. Ok, I know it is nothing compared to the other OCRCers who do that on their day off with their eyes closed. But, heck, I wasn't being chased by wild turkeys or squirrels so I think it was pretty good. I know---I JUST NEED WILDLIFE!

I did drop my iPod while trying to change a song, only to have it hit the tread and shoot out the back of the treadmill like a missile nearing hitting the foot of the woman on the elliptical behind me. (It is a good thing I have insurance from the SunriseMan agency.) Fortunately, no one was injured including my iPod so I could pick up on the SillyTune just where I left off.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bad Run Week/Good Sat Run

Not a good run week. Only ran 2 miles total this week on Friday. Didnt run Thursday cause iPod battery died just as I was starting. Stress used to make me run more. Now it makes me run less. Good thing I have some friends who run.

Today's OCRC run was good. It was only 7 miles for me (8 was a miscalculation). Given the group that showed up, I didnt have to shower, shave, use deordorant, brush my teeth or even pluck my unibrow. In fact, my last shower was Thursday as I wanted to smell like everyone else during the run. :)

Cookies and UnnamedRunner were there. Another OCRC member came costumed as GoodyearBlimpMan but he thought he was the MichelinMan who is much smaller. Cars were crossing the double yellow line to avoid him he was so big. It definitely was the funniest run this year as we chatted about GoodyearBlimpMan's porn star friend.
Cookies and UnnamedRunner ran a bit slow due to their fears of a Turkey attack. But there was only one Turkey seen that day.

After the 7 miles, we hopped into Cookies's car and drove around drinking beer and smoking cigarettes for 10 miles so we could tell the other OCRC members that we "did" 17 that morning.

Went spinning for 2.5 hours afterwards. My achilles tendons were sore! I think I am ready for an Ironman now....ok would you believe a Half Iron?...How about an Olympic.. well maybe a sprint tri...ok ok I'll do a Kid's Tri.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Boston Buildup 15K

IT WAS COLD, DARNIT. So cold, in fact, that even the squirrels stayed indoors.

My time was slower than my time last year, so here is my carefully-crafted list of excuses:

1.) Headphones were banned from the race, so I could not be inspired by listening to my Hugo Winterhalter tunes;
2.) I was traumatized by flashbacks of being tasered by wild turkeys chasing me and then driving to Donut Delight;
3.) My "SHAZAM!" doo-rag and socks were in the laundry;
4.) I thought I saw a sign pointing the way toward the Belltown Fire Department Festival, and traveled several miles out of my way before remembering it was January and Ridgefield, not July and Greenwich;
5.) The Crash Helmet I was wearing started to weigh me down at mile 7;
6.) I was detained on the course by race officials who said only those who raised three quadrillion dollars were allowed to run the entire 9.3 miles;
7.) I didn't have my bright pink jacket;
8.) I raised my right arm at a 30 degree angle to wave a proper motorcycle greeting, only to have it freeze in that position
9.) The Port-a-Joes along the route were out of hand creme, so I had to dial the 911-CALL-JOE hotline and wait for reinforcements before commencing the race again;
10.) I added at least 3 miles to my route in having to dodge the spit spewed by fellow racers.

Monday, January 21, 2008

This Run/Bike Thing

Actually this run/bike thing is kinda fun. After the few minutes of transitioning from one to the other, I really get into it. Now if I could only swim....
Ironwoman: Do they let you use water wings during tris?

I have to figure out a way to increase my miles. I really need to do about 5-7 miles every other day. I hate running alone outside in the cold or dark, so this is a problem. The treadmill is boring and I have not been able to do more than 3 miles on it before I get these desires to be kidnapped by aliens and rescued. The iPod helps though. I really can't increase my exercise time without giving something else up.

Stuck on the pole Rumor/Urban Legend

The following email circulates from someone often called BewareSquirrels:

"Rumor has it that JournalWriter, Sunriseman and HeRunsHeBikes met at the Tully Pole early this morning. Apparently, JournalWriter was overheard saying 'Go ahead, HeRunsHeBikes - stick your tongue to the pole - I double dare you.'

So if you're looking for HeRunsHeBikes, check the Tully Pole."

Analysis: Partially True and Partially False.

HeRunsHeBikes was spinning this morning with five other people and then went running for alittle over 2 miles before he found Carlos's car and drove another 5 miles to Donut Delight so he could say he ran 7 miles.

In truth, Carlos, JournalWriter and Sunriseman met at the Tully Pole this morning and Sunriseman's tongue is still stuck there.